10000 10th Mountain Div Dr, Watertown, NY (315) 772-5461

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Fort Drum is located in Jefferson County, New York, United States. Canada (30 miles), New York, Bostona re few surrounding cities. The base serves United States Army. It is home to the 10th Mountain Division. The base consists of 107,265 acres. There are 15000 troops at the base. Its mission includes command of active component units assigned to the installation, provide administrative and logistical support to tenant units, support to tenant units, support to active and reserve units from all services in training at Fort Drum, and planning and support for the mobilization and training of almost 80,000 troops annually. The base was built in 1908. The base has been named Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum who commanded the First Army during World War II. There are 2,272 homes on post in four communities: Adirondack Creek, Monument Ridge, Rhicard Hills and Crescent Woods. Additionally Army Community Housing (ACH) provides 2,000 homes in 13 neighboring communities. Great Lakes, Adirondack Mountains, St. Lawerence river are some attractions near the base. Family member students living on Fort Drum attend public schools off post. The base provides training on mountain warfare.
The base has basic logistics associated with the mountain warfare. The population was 12,123 in 2000. The base has participated in the Afghanistan operations. The base has participated in Afghanistan operations. The mission has always been associated with the mountain warfare. Colonel David J. Clark is the current commander of the base.